BioCompatibility Testing

Do you experience symptoms or conditions such as:
* Headaches or migraines
* Itchy skin, rashes, acne, hives, eczema
* Hayfever, chronic congestion, asthma
* Bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, IBS, flatulence
* PMS, heavy periods
* Fatigue, sleep disorders, restless legs
* Psoriasis or other autoimmune conditions.

The 500(+) Item Bio-Compatibility test may be for you!

What is the Bio-Compatibility Test?
The 500 Item Bio-Compatibility Test is a quick and non invasive test that uses either a small hair sample or saliva sample to identify the influence (both positive and negative) food and household items have on an individual.  This helps to determine which of these foods and household items may not be compatible with your body (and therefore should be avoided) as well as which foods should be consumed.

The test is based on the principle of feeding the body the correct foods which allow the body to repair itself.  By removing the incompatible foods, the body can then focus on repairing - and by using the compatible foods on your list as part of your diet this can enhance the process by reducing inflammation and improving cellular function which results in improved health.

 The list covers all the food groups, bathroom, laundry, gluten-free and kitchen products.  It includes LOCAL common brands found in Australian supermarkets.  There are also extra lists that can be added on to the test including a Baby List, Pet List, Woolworths, Coles & Aldi list and an Indian list.   Please note that this test is not the same as a Hair Mineral Analysis nor is it an allergy test.

Once the test has been completed, you will receive a phone call to go through the results with you, and a comprehensive report & 6 month wellness programme which tells you which items to avoid, and which items are compatible with you and so are safe to consume or use.  After the 6 month plan has been completed you will be able to do a retest to see which of those items are able to be reintroduced.

Who is the test ideal for?
It is ideal for anyone who has experienced long term or chronic symptoms. It is non invasive, making it also perfect for children and babies who may be experiencing problems such as colic, eczema, reflux or other complaints.  All that is required is a small sample of hair (coloured hair is fine), and if you don't have hair then saliva can be used.

Click here to see the 500 Item List

Sounds perfect for me, how do I get the test?
If you have had ongoing health issues for a while, then it would be great to see you in person so that we can work out a long term holistic plan in conjunction with the test to get you the best results for your health.  However this test is available to anyone without a consultation.  

The test is $300 which includes:
Your comprehensive report
Your 6 month wellness plan
A 15 minute phone consult to discuss your results once received
A second 15 minute phone consult after 4 weeks to see how you are going with the treatment plan. 

To order the test, please visit