New Service - Flower Essence Therapy


I am so excited to now offer Flower Essence Therapy as part of my services to you.  I found myself drawn to them when I studied my Naturopath course, as I love how they work on an energetic level and can support a person who is working through emotional or mental blocks or challenges. 

You may have heard of a product called “Rescue Remedy”, used to help with stress, anxiety and insomnia.  This product is a Flower Essence Product.

So what is Flower Essence therapy?

Flower Essence Therapy is an ancient healing modality that has been used by the Nyoongah Aboriginal People in the south west of Australia spanning thousands of years.  It has also been used in other cultures in South East Asia, Ancient Egypt and Europe. (1) (2)   Flower Essence Therapy was re-introduced into Western Society by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s, and since then research into the modality continued to grow.  These days there are a number of different Flower Essences throughout the world.

Living Essence Flower Essences are infusions or decoctions made of the flowering part of Australian plants.  Each species of flowering plant has its own unique characteristic, and it’s these characteristics that are utilized as part of the healing process.  

Flower Essences work by unlocking the inner wisdom that is within every human being, at a conscious, unconscious and subconscious level.  The healing is subtle and gentle, making it appropriate for all ages and for both physical and mental ailments. (1)  Flower Essences can be used as a standalone treatment, or incorporated into other therapies such as massage and Reiki. 

Why would I choose Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are a wonderful addition to other therapies that you may be utilizing for emotional or mental health.  They are also beneficial for times when you may be feeling stuck about a decision to make, or have some personal or emotional aspects about you that you’d like to change, or have a recurring pattern that you need a little extra support in shifting. 

What happens during a Flower Essences appointment?

Flower Essence Therapy is not only unique for each person, but it also changes based on your personal circumstances and what is going on in your life.  You may find that the flower combination changes each time you do it.

I use Flower Cards to help you choose the flower essences that will go together to create your formula.  As it is an energetic therapy, when choosing the flowers it is best to go with your first instinct.  I will also ask you to think of the one major issue or circumstance that is going on with you and get a clear picture of it prior to starting the process.   Once you have that in mind, we will begin the process of choosing your flowers based on the cards presented.   Each flower has specific characteristics and meanings that I will provide to you to read and see how it resonates with you and what is going on in your life.  Please also be aware that sometimes we can tune into other peoples’ “stuff”, so you may find yourself choosing flowers relevant for someone else close to you such as a spouse or child.  This is still beneficial, especially if those issues are impacting you.

Once you have chosen your flowers, we will narrow the cards down to 7 flowers which will make up your remedy.  This remedy will be yours to take over a 6 week period, after which you are welcome to come back for a follow up or to choose a new remedy if appropriate.

When using flower essences for physical ailments or as part of massage or other therapies, I may simply choosing the flower most appropriate to the physical symptoms and using it during the therapy session or make up the remedy for you to take home and use.

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