Do you experience digestive or IBS symptoms such as:

* Bloating or discomfort in your stomach
* Pain or cramping during or after meals
* Diarrhoea or constipation (or both?)
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome
* Flatulence or burping

Have you tried to change your diet to resolve your IBS symptoms with minimal success?  Bio-Compatibility testing may be for you!

What is the Bio-Compatibility test?
Bio-Compatibility testing identifies the positive or negative influence that each of the 500 items in the list has on an individual. This then determines which foods and items may not be compatible with your body.

The list covers both whole foods and food products - for example rather than just testing for "dairy", it tests for cow's milk, cow's cheese, cream, ice cream.  This gives clients greater flexibility when choosing which foods they can consume.  The list covers all the food groups (including gluten-free and health food products), and bathroom, household, laundry and kitchen products.

Please note, this test is not an allergy test nor is it the same as a Hair Mineral Analysis.

Who is the test ideal for?
It is ideal for anyone who has experienced long term or chronic symptoms such as those associated with IBS. It is non invasive, making it also perfect for children and babies who may be experiencing digestive issues.  All that is required is a small sample of hair (coloured hair is fine), and if you don't have hair then saliva can be used.

Click here to see the 500 Item List

Sounds perfect for me, how do I get the test?
If you have had ongoing IBS or digestive issues for a while, then it would be great to see you in person so that we can work out a long term holistic plan in conjunction with the test to get you the best results for your health.  However this test is available to anyone without a consultation.  

The test is $297 which includes:
Your comprehensive report including your results;
Your 6 month wellness plan;
A 15 minute phone consult to discuss your results once received;
A second 15 minute phone consult after 4 weeks to see how you are going with the treatment plan. 

To order the test, click "Add To Cart" below.  After you have completed your purchase you will be emailed instructions on how to send your hair sample.

500 Item BioCompatibility Test

500 Item BioCompatibility Test (Standard List)
Includes comprehensive test results and 6 month wellness plan & 2 x 15 minute phone consults to discuss results and progress.

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If you would prefer book in your test with a Naturopathic consultation, click the Book Online button below.  For Naturopathic clients, the test is only $247.  

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