Alexia Langley, Adv Dip. Nat. & Dip Rem. Massage


My name is Alexia, and I am a fully qualified Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Practitioner & Remedial Massage Therapist located Kalamunda, Western Australia.  I also practice as a Naturopath.

I have a strong interest in mental health, stress, movement and posture, and am especially interested in the impact that postural and movement patterns can have in exacerbating these conditions. I love empowering people to move better, improve their posture, and create more awareness within their body.

During my remedial massage studies I was especially drawn to myofascial release. I loved learning about how fascia connects the body and how it can impact on movement just as much (if not more so) than the muscles themselves, and this interest led me to continue my studies in Structural Integration with Anatomy Trains AU & NZ.

As someone who has a history of exercise and weight training, I love being able to support people training for their sports and exercise goals. I am also a keen CrossFitter, having participated in the sport a number of years ago, and recently returned after kids and study. I also participate as part of the AthleteHUB who provide remedial and recovery support at CrossFit game events in Perth.


I have seen the huge changes in my own mobility and range of motion in my exercise and weight training through the Structural Integration work and am always excited about working with others and seeing the changes it can make in their lives.

I look forward to working with you!

Diploma Remedial Massage
Best Student Overall 2017
North Metro TAFE Ambassadorship Nominee 2018
Semi-Finalist for WA Training Awards 2018

Fully Qualified Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Practitioner

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Advanced Diploma Naturopathy
AIHM/AIHFE Student of the Year 2017
SD Protocol Practitioner
Access Bars & Body Processes Practitioner
Reiki L1 Practitioner (Usui)

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